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Chief Women Arise: Poem by Valerie Pruitt

Climbing over each other.

Grasping at the Corporate ladder

Having no time

Trying to get what is mine

How will I fulfill my destiny

What account will I give for my time

In eternity

For who is going to care if my day

Was only spent shopping cleaning working away till I am empty

Empty I sit here wipe away a tear

I feel insignificant

I should have done more

As I lie down in despair

Too drained to care

I hear pst pst Chief woman

I hear the heavenly voice

But I want to dispute the Fathers choice

Chief woman, Leading lady

It must be a case of mistaken identity

I hear you are wrongfully right

It is a case of mistaken identity

If you cannot see yourself through me


When you look through the eyes of the world


When you listen to the fable society told

You lose you

The enemy hates who you are

He seeks to blind you from who you could be


The spiritual Ninja, Seed producer Crusher of the serpents head

You lead the way, No enemy can stand before you today

He can only bruise your heel Chief woman

Only your heel

Not your heart , Not your life , Not your destiny

So come on Chief woman put some shoes on your feet

Strap on some peace

Do your piece, fulfill your call

Stand firm Stand strong

Let the chief cornerstone

Be your solid ground

Advance Never retreat

You are a Chief woman as long as you worship at his feet

Chief Woman Arise

About the Author

Missionary Valerie Pruitt is a Christian Poet, an avid podcaster, and video blogger. She is the author of the book, I Fit In No Where, which is available on Amazon. Valerie is a missionary to Africa. She is the founder of non-profit Not Bread Alone.

Follow her of Facebook: Not Bread Alone

Follow her personal pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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