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Don't Grow Dull in Being a Disciple of Christ

By Dr. Shana WIse

I feel as believers moving forward in 2022, discipleship should be a top priority in our lives. We as women have been given a particular influence from God to draw the lost to Christ. Just intentionally “being” who we are in Christ and “doing” the works of the ministry have tremendous power over the works of the enemy. If we understood the influence God has given us to strengthen other believers and bring the lost to Christ would drive us to be less focused on ourselves and more focused on our purpose.

I wrote about Mary the mother of Jesus in my recent book Chief Women Arise! If we research the scriptures regarding Mary, we will find that her devotion to God and his church is remarkable! Let us examine a passage from the book and how Mary chose to use her influence to grow the church:

Excerpts from chapter Devotion Beyond Measure: Mary mother of Jesus from the book, Chief Women Arise!

Acts 1:14 These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.

I titled this Devotion Beyond Measure because when I think about the life of Mary and her continued devotion to Christ beyond his physical death and the early church, it is truly amazing!

What amazes me about Mary the mother of Jesus is her devotion to the church after her son died. Mary experienced and witnessed many things concerning Christ. From his conception within her by the Holy Spirit, rearing him as a child, seeing him minister as an adult, watching him die on the cross, and experiencing his resurrection-what a journey! After all these things she experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually, she still chose to use her influence to help aid in the formation of the early church in Jerusalem!

Red highlighted points are not in the book:

I tend to also think about Mary’s character, integrity, and life's circumstances. She was a teenage mom who was not wed at conception. She endured the trauma of watching her son die, prepared his body, and buried him in the tomb without her husband Joseph. She also witnessed her son resurrected. How many of us would still be able to serve God and help grow his church after enduring so much emotionally as a woman and a mother?

We must remember that whether we are in our darkest valley or highest mountain top, it does not take away the influence God has given us! People are still benefiting from our witness even when we are going through our challenges.

“I believe that Mary knew within her soul that Jesus was not her son, but God in the flesh. She was able to emotionally separate her role as earthly mother to Jesus and understand that Jesus was the Christ, the Savior of the World. Mary was a believer, witness, and disciple of Jesus Christ.

·How many of us are still finding it hard to emotionally separate our challenges and struggles and still disciple, witness, and minister to other people? I have found out that when I minister to others despite what I am going through my problem gets smaller and Christ's glory grows bigger.

The early church benefitted from her presence and devotion to the work of the ministry. Her wisdom, knowledge, and personal experience were instrumental in the development of the early church, and her witness and belief in Jesus Christ help to strengthen and shape the faith of many.

“The lesson we learn from Mary is her strength to persevere and her devotion to Christ and his church despite all she had to endure. She chose to serve and use her influence to grow God’s church”.

I challenge you not to grow dull in being a disciple of Christ this year. Move past your feelings and personal struggles to help someone else. If you are experiencing emotional trauma that is causing you not to move forward in your calling and purpose, we pray to God that you will be healed, delivered, and set free in Jesus’ name. We pray for your faith in Christ to grow stronger and deeper through adversity. Remember God loves you and needs you to help him grow his Kingdom on earth.


Father God thank you for your son, Jesus Christ. What Jesus did for us on the cross causes us to be devoted to your church and your people. Help us, women, to serve beyond our feelings and emotions. Let us remember the devotion you have towards us which is your love. Let us use the influence you gave us to inspire others to follow Christ. We dedicate our children to you. We thank you for using them to show us more of You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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About the Author

Dr. Shana Wise is an ordained Pastor and CEO of Wise Choice Ministries (est. 2016). She is the founder of The Well Christian Women’s Network formally known as Christian Women Preachers United. Dr. Wise is the author of women’s devotional, Acts of Intercession, The Impact of Your Election, and co-author of Basic Ministry Training Manual (available on Amazon) and Chief Women Arise. She received a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2019 from St. Thomas Christian University. Her passion is to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, equip others to apply the Word to their lives, and demonstrate the Word through the power of the Holy Spirit. She is a televangelist that appears on social media outlets. Shana is married to Deacon Ron Wise and is the mother of four children.

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