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New Beginnings Summer: 16 week Challenge

By Evangelist Shennette Sparkes

It’s time to Expect the Unexpected!

Joel 2:23-32

1. Prayer: Daily Prayer

2. Mediate: Pick one scripture a week for the list to meditate on for that entire week.

3. Worship: Spend time in Worship daily.

4. Intercession: Write out 8 people that God wants you to intercede for this summer. In your quiet time pray for this person.

Scripture list :

•God is good- Psalms 119:68,136:1

•God loves me and wants me to have His best: Romans 8:32, 38-39

•I am complete and accepted in Christ: Ephesians 1:4-6

•God is enough: Psalm 23:1

•God can be trusted: Isaiah 28:16

• God gives you eternal life: John 4:13-14

• I am a true worshiper: John 4:23-24

• I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Psalm 139: 14

• I am redeemed by God: 2 Samuel 9: 7

• I will use my skills to honor God: Exodus 36:1

• God plans my future: Jeremiah 1:5

• I am accountable for every word that I speak: Matthew 12:36

• God blesses those who obey him: Leviticus 26: 3-5

• We are blessed when we worship God: Psalm 24:3-6

• The Bible brings us blessings: James 1:25

• God's love for us is beyond our understanding: Ephesians 3:18

About the Author

Shennette is a wife, homeschooling mom, mentor, and author. She hosts the Uncommon Room on the Clubhouse app. She is also a part of the University of North Florida Women’s Basketball Alumni 2006-2010 and she is an UNF Alumni Board Member, Founder of First Coast Lupus Fight, and Co-Founder of the UNF Black Alumni. Creator of Standing Tall with Shennette Sparkes a YouTube channel that focuses on Lupus Awareness. Shennette serves our community in many capacities. Her work as a Lupus Advocate in our state has led to changes in the way people live with Lupus. As a former basketball coach for 11 years, she has helped over 50 student-athletes receive scholarships. She is a part of JSO Heart of Passion Group which focuses on connecting community leaders with police in hopes to stop gang violence and drug abuse by Kids in Jacksonville. Shennette is the author of two books Training with a Purpose Inspirational Quote Book and The Story Behind the Story a Butterfly Warrior Journey to Conquering Lupus. Follow her on Social Media at _ShennetteSparkes. Follow her on social media @_shennettesparkes. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel @_ShennetteSparkes.

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