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Upcoming The Well CWN Meetings!

Women Alive Meetings is a place where women can fellowship, network, and worship together.

What you can expect: Business and ministry networking, fellowship, ice breakers, and more. We also have a women's worship service during these meetings. Enjoy this video clip from our February meeting.

Join us for our global online Women Alive meeting. No matter where you are in the world you can join this meeting from the comfort of your home! RSVP at

Christian Women Preachers United is a subgroup of The Well Christian Women's Network. Women clergy can expect to come out to fellowship and network with other women in ministry globally. You can also expect to be supported, encouraged, uplifted, and inspired. RSVP at

Enjoy this video clip from one of our online meetings in 2021.

We will be back on the westside of Jacksonville this month for our Women Alive meeting. RSVP at

Tickets are available for our upcoming women's retreat. For more information, to book your room, or purchase tickets visit

Do you want your business to be featured at one of our upcoming meetings? Email us today for more details and to get scheduled. Enjoy this video clip from one of our 2021 business spotlights.

Host one of our upcoming Women Alive meetings at your church, ministry, or business! Email us for more information.

Help us spread the word to the deaf community about sign language interpretation available at our meetings. Please contact us for more information.

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