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Upcoming Leadership Changes with The Well Christian Women's Network

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to inform you about upcoming leadership changes to The Well Christian Women’s Network moving forward in 2024:

Pastor Sharon Williams will lead Women Alive Worship monthly meetings under her ministry Act 4 the Nations. 

You can expect to see communication and correspondence from Act 4 Nations regarding Women Alive Worship meetings. 

Her contact information is:

Follow Women Alive on Facebook and Instagram 

Christian Women Preachers United will be led by Pastor Dr. Karen Baker under Kingdom Builders of Faith ministries. Her co-leaders will be Pastors Dee Dixon and Deborah Morrison. 

Women clergy will start receiving communication and correspondence from Kingdom Builders of Faith in 2024. 

Kingdom Builders of Faith contact information is:

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram 

Flourish mentoring group and the Princess and Queens event for girls 8-18 years old, are led by Evangelist Shennette Sparkes with Higher Learning Ministries and Missionary Latisha Ludlow with Wonder Women of Faith. 

If you would like to sign your young lady up for this program or assist with mentoring, please get in touch with them at:

Phone: 1-954-805-0829

The Well Christian Women’s Network will continue to support Women Alive, CWPU, and Flourish meetings, events, and efforts in 2024 and beyond. 

The Well CWN plans to host our Chief Women Arise! conference in October 2024. 

Our YouTube channel, social media outlets, Clubhouse app, podcast, and Talk Show will remain under The Well CWN. 

If you want to connect with The Well CWN contact us at: 

Phone: 1-904-878-7840

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube @thewellcwn

Blessings and Happy New Year, 

Pastor Dr. Shana Wise

Founder of The Well Christian Women’s Network 

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