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A Godly Sight

By Guest Blogger Monica Darga

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 NIV

What does God look like to you? I am very lucky. Currently, I live in Florida, which means outdoor weather for 90% of the year.

During this past year living with Covid restrictions, I have found a new appreciation of nature. Once a month, my friends gather for a monthly walk of fellowship and guessing the names of birds and flowers. My husband and I started a garden and grew over 80 sweet potatoes! And I found out that the Begonia plant I bought for just a dollar and put in a pot on my patio is hearty enough to survive the Florida frost.

When I spend time outdoors, I pray and feel close to God. I have learned to give thanks for God’s outdoor creations. Why don’t you try a prayer walk around your neighborhood.


Thank you for the trees and grass you created. I am thankful for the quiet moments spent with you in nature.

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